At Kids Zone Nurseries we believe it is important to build strong parent partnerships through effective communication. We are always looking to find ways which this can be made easier, which is why we use the Famly App, a nursery management system which keeps parents up to date in real-time on their child's progress and daily activities with personal news feeds, care updates and daily reminders. Alongside of this, Famly also aids with registrations, invoicing and will support each child's individual learning program, identifying individuality.

As a parent you can...

• See your child's daily activity
• Edit their information
• Answer permissions
• Add contacts
• Access Learning Journals
• Message the nursery
• View your account history
• Edit Your Settings

Paying your Nursery Fees with Famly

Famly Pay allows you to pay your nursery fees electronically via Direct Debit or with a Debit or Credit card.

When you choose Direct Debit a single payment is automatically taken from your account on the 1st of the Month for the exact balance of your nursery fees. This will include any additional sessions you have booked recently or in the next month.


For more information on what Famly can do from a Parent's point of view please visit the Famly help centre

Famly is fully compliant with the EU's GDPR which therefore means we can securely provide and receive information about your child/children, with the database being backed up every day.
Downloading Famly on your mobile phone or tablet will enable you to access the key features of the Famly App anywhere in the world.

Download the Famly app

The Famly app is available on most platforms for free. With personal news feeds, care updates, invoices, payment processing, messaging, registration and so much more, Famly helps staff say goodbye to paperwork and hello to more time with the children. All while keeping parents posted with real-time updates on the go.

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