Here at Kids Zone Nurseries we pride ourselves on the care and development of our children and all aspects of our nurseries are focused towards their development.

Age Specific Rooms

Here at the Kids Zone Nurseries all our childrens rooms are self sufficient with their own baby changing areas, toilets facilities and mini kitchen areas.

Aventure Play Area

The Adventure Play area provides your child with the opportunity to climb, slide and play in our purpose built play area.

Our large spacious indoor area is also used for additional activities such as soft play, music and movement, dance and drama and parachute games. This fantastic indoor resource also provides space and opportunity for adult-led activities, supporting co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness, rhythm and confidence.

Toy Town

At the nurseries our children can explore and play in their very own toy town. Our children can play in their own shop, house, or anything they want it to be, having the opportunity to bring role play to life.

Sensory Theatre

Children have regular access to the Sensory Theatre, a specially designed room that allows children to enjoy a wide range of sensory experiences.

We create a variety of environments that focus on one or more of the senses through sound, visual and tactile effects, vibration, aromas and music.

This all goes towards creating a relaxing and fun space in which to explore and experiment.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play forms a large part in the development of our children. The outdoor play area with safety flooring contains a multitude of activities providing our children with the opportunity to push, ride cars, climb, play with sand or simply explore the area.


P.E Sessions

Each week during term time a planned fun sports session provided, introducing our children to various sport skills and fitness exercises, using fun games and Sport of the week. All the children do warm up exercises along with cool down stretches.  These sessions will develop children's sports fundamentals such as hand and eye coordination, balance, flexibility, feet and eye co-ordination, endurance and ball skills.

Dance and Movement

Pre-School Movement & Dance class offers the children of our nurseries the opportunity to have a trained dance teacher.

Our classes deliver a fun, imaginative and developmentally appropriate programme using themes, props, music and more within the nursery environment.

Our teacher's will be working with the children in Waddlers, Toddlers and Pre-school during term time.

Music Centre

Here at the Kids Zone Nurseries we know that children can flourish in a stimulating musical environment.

Therefore we have linked in with a specialised music company to deliver a structured music programme, designed for babies and young children that links closely with the EYFS during term time.

Spanish Lessons

Here at the Kids Zone Nurseries we want to help the children receive a full and varied curriculum to enhance their learning and development. One of our activities which we offer to our children is Spanish language tuition. The Spanish tutor will visit on a weekly basis, the children have lots of fun learning the language through interactive games and songs. The Spanish lesson also reinforces other skills which they spend in nursery such as speaking and listening. It's amazing how quickly the pick it up.

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